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WhO iS tHe ReAl TeRrOrIsT,iS iT sAdDaM hUsEiN oR yOuR oWn PrEsIdEnT!?

(lyrics from ANTI - FlAG)

18 September
Fuck the world it just keeps going to HELL! But as long as I’m alive in it I will fight society and the corrupt system, which it supports. The biggest problem within the world is that people stop trying to fight it. Torture and frustration makes them accept it then turn on the ones who don’t. I cant, wont and will never accept it till there is a drastic change. I will keep trying to make a change and spread the voice of the underground. Together we can break the lies, deception and oppression that is our world. The power is in the hands of a few select fascist that want to control your life and make you live within their world, but it’s your world and your rights. TAKE IT BACK!
american spirits, amusment parks, anarchy, anime, anti-flag, antidote, art, bad religion, bass guitar, black eyeliner, black flag, blanks 77, bmx, caffein, candles, candy, cartoons, cats, chinchilla, chinese food, claymation, clovers, cloves, coffie, colored lighters, colorful hair, comics, communism, cooking, craft stores, cream soda, cuddlebear, cuddling, cure, deadkennedys, driving, dropkickmurphys, el rodeo, elves, elvish, eskimo kisses, everquest, eyes, facism, fall, fantasias, fantisy, flavored cigarettes, foxes, full moons, funny colored hair, g.b.h., georgia, guanabana juice, hair dye, halloween, hardcore punk, hugs, incense, invador zim, irish, jackass, jello biafra, johnny the homicidle maniac, less then jake, lord of the rings, lords of acid, lower class brats, luck, lucky strikes, magic, makeing stuff, me'a earendil, mexican food, milo and otis, minorthreat, monty python, music, nature, neon green, new mexico, no means no, operation ivy, origanality, paintball, peaches, pierceings, pixies, police brutality, political punk, politics, potions, propaghandi, pugs, punk rock, quenya, racism, rain, rainbows, reagen squad, religion, revolt, revolutionism, roit, rope lights, scary films, sci-fi, science, scratch 'n sniff things, shrooms, sleding, sleep, snow, snowboarding, soft skin, spider webs, spooky stuff, spring, storms, strawberrys, subhumans, summer, sunrises, sunsets, sweetdreams, tatoos, tengwar, the addicts, the beach, the casualties, the code, the cramps, the desert, the donnas, the exploited, the impossibles, the misfits, the nightmare before christmas, the queers, the sexpistols, the unseen, the voids, thrift and surplus stores, vanilla coke, video games, vintage art, winter, wisconsin, x-mas